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Jolynn  V.
Jolynn V.  
Flag USA
April 19, 2022


I was not expecting much out of this "resort" but dear lord, it was worse than I ever could have imagined. The walls were shiny white with no art of them and the room was visibly dirty. It felt like a prison cell. There was some kind of burn mark on the sink and the sheets looked so poor in quality that they were sheer and you could see the mattress. We lucky had our giant sleeping bag with us and slept in that. I wore my sandals in the shower because the bathroom was disgusting. There as half a roll of toilet paper and no extra to be found. We needed up staying at this motel because we got to our camp site really late and we're too tired to set up our tent. I can't believe this place has the nerve to charge $140 for a room. The quality of the place was worth maybe $69...

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Flag US
October 03, 2018

"Friendly, clean and EXCELLENT LOCATION”

The Comfort Inn Antioch is a brand new hotel. My company was doing some work in Antioch and I needed a decent business friendly hotel to stay for the week and I came across this hotel, and it is truly a gem. I never realized how nice Comfort Inns were-- this place is fully remodeled and is run very well. The staff is very hospitable and offered many dining suggestions. The hotel's location is perfect. Right off the freeway and within walking distance to many places to eat. The rooms are brand new so there isn't much to complain about. I really fee the value of this hotel cannot be beaten. I haven't stayed at a nicer place for what other hotels might charge 2-3 times more for. Just a great deal if you are forced to stay in the Antioch area.

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